1AVCenter 3.4

Record audio and video, monitor webcam signal and share files

1AVCenter is a suite of utilities intended to perform various actions involving media. In this regard, it bundles tools to capture video, take screenshots, monitor from a webcam, record audio, share files and broadcast media.

I regret saying that this product’s interface did not meet my expectations. Luckily, there is a sort of welcome menu from where you can pick the profile that best meets your intentions. Yet, it seems to me it is unjustifiably complicated at times. Moreover, it requires frequently switching between different profiles. It is good that you get tips on how to use the selected functions. And if this is not enough for you, it is also possible to watch online video tutorials on its usage.

There are various profiles intended to record video, which may be from the computer screen including audio or not. This may come in handy when you need to grab a video from a webpage, in case it cannot be downloaded in another way. Likewise, there is another profile to record audio from a microphone or directly from the sound card.

The suite can also be used for surveillance purposes. In this respect, it can monitor the screen or the webcam to record any type of activity. The same is true for audio: it can start capturing audio from the microphone if any sound is detected. Also, if you are interested in sharing video or audio as well as monitoring any activity at a distance, you can use the product to broadcast the screen, the webcam signal or sound from the microphone.

Finally, there is also a profile that allows you to start a web server. It creates a website in which various types of files are accessible, including videos, images, documents, and music. Besides, it lets you upload files from your browser. Unfortunately, the program seems to be unstable as it crashed various times I tried to use the web server.

All in all, 1AVCenter has the main advantage of being very versatile. Unluckily, although I would not dissuade you from giving it a try, it is not the kind of program I would like to keep. The product is shareware and can be evaluated at no cost. However, it is too annoying to need to wait for various seconds every time you open or close the tool, even when the trial license expires in a few days.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Versatile product
  • Can be used for surveillance
  • Can record audio and video from various sources
  • Live streaming of audio or video
  • Shares various types of files
  • Provides help in many ways


  • May be unstable on some Windows versions
  • Unjustifiably complicated interface
  • Annoying waiting to evaluate its trial version
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